Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again for Five for Friday!!

My students really enjoyed their math stations this week from the Are You Ready for Football? Bundle. We counted and practicing writing numbers using football themed cards with images of dice, ten frames, and tally marks. 

Today we listened to Groundhog Day by Gail Gibbons on youtube and we graphed if Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow or not? If only he didn't see his shadow and Spring weather was quickly upon us! I need more sun and warmth in my life! 

Call me a shop-oholic, but I love nothing more than shopping for my class {with clothes for myself being a very close runner-up}. This week I went to Dollar Tree and Becker's School Supplies. I bought this adorable leprechaun banner, because with my luck, it would be gone if I waited until March. I also bought some fun hearts to use as counters for math stations, valentine pencils, small green buckets, and a sandwich shaped coasters pack that I thought would be great for creating a math or literacy center game. At Becker's I bought Pattern Learning Mats, lots of construction paper, and more name tags, so that I can change seats on Monday. 
Do you have a Ninja? If not, it is worth the investment... you can make so many delicious smoothies in only a couple minutes! About 2 months ago I melted one of the two single serve cups in the dishwasher, so I slowed down on making one every morning for my fiancĂ© and I... when I am in a rush the pitcher is more time consuming to clean. This week I told myself that I would start to make them again, even if I had to use the pitcher. The smoothies are so delicious and healthy, that I thought they would help me kickstart getting into shape for the wedding! This week my smoothies typically consisted of: half of a banana, almond milk, frozen berries. If I had almonds or spinach I would of added them also. 
Okay, so I know that I didn't have my first giveaway and raffle off the scarf that I posted in my last "Five for Friday", but I thought it would be better to raffle it off when I feel that spring is in the air. Why not build the anticipation a little?! {tee-hee} Instead I have been planning another giveaway and I'm very excited to announce that tomorrow I will be teaming up with 4 other bloggers for a V-day giveaway! Stay tuned! Below is one of the packs that will be raffled off!  

I'd love to hear about your week... link up with Doodle Bugs to share with others!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lovin' My Papermonster Laminator!

A little less than two weeks ago, I saw Jeannine's post, of Creative Lesson Cafe, about the 12" Papermonster Laminator being on sale for $9.99 (Orig. $31.99).... I read her reviews and others and couldn't resist! I have always wanted a laminator for the home, for the weekends and school breaks. I got mine in the mail on Saturday and gave it a try yesterday. I laminated my math station activity cards for the week, boy am I amazed that for under ten dollars, this little laminator works like a gem! It's oh so easy to use and it only takes about 5 minutes to heat up! Thank you Jeannine for making me and other happy Papermonster Laminator owners aware of the sale!

You all know the feeling, when you walk up to your front door and you see a shipment of an item you have been waiting for from the day you clicked "purchase"! 
 I opened this little beauty up right away! 
 I gave it a try on Saturday morning... look how incredibly easy! 

 My complete products... ready to but cut!

I hope you enjoyed my happy customer rant. Although, this particular laminator isn't on sale right now, I definitely would recommend snatching it up the next time around. Is there a product that you absolutely love? Can't live without? A life-saver?! I'd love to hear about it and maybe invest in one!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Week From Today?!

Who's excited for a week from today?! Are you asking, "Why, what is a week from today?!" Well the Seahawks and Broncos will be playing in the Super Bowl of course! In honor of Superbowl Sunday, I have a fun counting freebie! Although, some of you may not really care about the Super Bowl besides the yummy apps and drinks that are served, I know everyone likes a FREEBIE!
Are You Ready For Some Football? Ten Frame FREEBIE!
Also, enjoy a past posted Presidents Day freebie
Please take the time to rate these items after download and/or leave me feedback! Your opinion is important to me! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fixing Google+ No-Reply Blogger

So Amanda from Collaboration Cuties responded to a post of mine by e-mailing me to tell me that I was a "no-reply blogger". I had no clue what this meant. I thought to my self "What is a no-reply blogger?!". She explained that if you use Google+ it will make you a no-reply blogger. Also, when someone comments on your blog, and you reply, they don't know it. So, unless someone remembers to go back to your blog, they won't see it.  If you're a no-reply blogger they can't reply to your comment through e-mail and strike up a conversation. It will say that you are a "no-reply bloggger" as your email address, which means that others won't get your reply. To fix this problem, Amanda sent me the post link to Rachel of The Tattooed Teacher's, "What?! I am a no-reply blogger!?". Her post helped me greatly! There were a few slight differences, I'm unsure if what we saw was a little different because an update, but anyway I thought it would be helpful to document how I worked through it and how I am now a REPLY blogger :)

1 & 2: Go to your blogger dashboard, click the small gray wheel under your profile picture, and then click “Revert To Blogger Profile”.

3: Click orange “Switch to Limited Blogger Profile” button. Then click the orange “Continue to Blogger” button.

4 & 5: You will see "You are now using a blogger profile". Click “Blogger Profile” under the small gray dropdown arrow by your profile picture (top right).

6: Click “Show my e-mail address” and then scroll the bottom and click the orange “Save Profile” button.

7: Go back to the settings button (the gray wheel) and click “Switch to Google+.

8: You will see this screen. Click the orange “Switch Now” button. Then you are complete!

Now Amanda from Collaboration Cuties and other awesome bloggers can email me when they comment on my comments! Please let me know if my first tutorial was helpful to you!

If you are looking for more great tutorials, visit this great post from Erica over at Erica's Ed-Ventures

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five For Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again for Five for Friday!!

I am definitely a scarf and chunky necklace person! What an easy way to dress up a plain outfit! When I saw this scarf, I bought it in mind for other teachers out there, looking to brighten up their teacher outfits! I plan on having my first giveaway SOON and would like to do it with a few other blogger(s) ASAP! Let me know if you are interested in throwing a giveaway with me! Otherwise, check back within the next couple of weeks for my VERY FIRST giveaway! 
We finishes our MLK unit this week! Thank you Color Me Kinder for the adorable creativity! I modified it a little and took out the blanket and hands, to make a few less steps. With 28 four and five year-olds, I felt less steps were necessary :)  My students also enjoys this I Have A Dream Song... it was heartwarming to hear them sing it together! 
Ohh Starbucks how I {heart} you! Have you ever tried Starbucks Blueberry Oatmeal?! I had it two times this week! If you're trying to be a little more health conscious, I recommend this delicious breakfast! The blueberries are always so fresh! It also comes with an assortment of nuts and seeds and agave syrup... sometimes I add a little of both, today I went for plain-Jane.
Boy-oh-boy do I love Dollar Tree... maybe a little too much! I went there on Sunday in hopes to find placemats for my class art center. We have used many baby wipes and magic erasers trying to clean up the tables to look new, but what a waste!  I found these adorable zebra print placemats, that fit perfectly with my other animal print themed items in the class! I know these mats won't eliminate the mess, but they sure will help!
This week was a very short week because of MLK Day, a early dismissal day, and a snow day. Some of my lesson plans I had to change up, because I felt it would be best to cover new concepts during a full week. The students loved these football themed activities from the Are You Ready for Some Football? Bundle! With the Football Number Trace activity page, students traced each number and then self-assessed by coloring the football of the number they felt they traces the best! With the Touchdown Tally Up activity page, students counted the tally marks and then cut and paste the footballs in-between the correct goalposts. 

I'd love to hear about your week... link up with Doodle Bugs to share with others!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blog Design and Illustration

The worth-the-wait custom blog design is finally complete!!! Megan from A Bird in Hand Blog Designs and I Teach What's Your Superpower is AWESOME! I had a color scheme in mind and she did everything she could to create my vision {even with my bit of OCD coming through}. How do you like it?! When I first started blogging I just chose a simple, pre-made template. I knew I wanted a beautiful design like so many others had, but I didn't want to rush into it. After researching blog designers for several weeks and seeing the blog designs of Megan, I contacted her and was put on the waiting list... as I said above, the wait was worth it! If you're looking to start a blog, revamp a blog, or add personality to a blog, I highly recommend her!  Thanks tons Megan! 

See the cute "me" clipart on my header and signature?!! Yep, thats from the talented Lauren from Hey! Hey! Designs! She did an AMAZING job custom editing and tailoring the illustration to everything I described! She is a miracle worker and sooo easy to work with! She was so quick to respond to my e-mails and make changes to fit my vision! If I ever need another illustration, hands-down I am going to her! Thank you Lauren!

With the help of both of these wonderful & talented ladies, I now feel more at home! A pretty and organized blog feels like a pretty and organized classroom, doesn't it?!... makes me feel like I can be more productive and blog away ;)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MLK Day and The Super Bowl

This week we will be using my MLK Mini Pack and {new} Are You Ready for Some Football? BUNDLE! Today, students counted tally marks and cut and paste the footballs to match and colored the "I have a dream..." activity page. They seemed to really enjoy both!