Friday, January 24, 2014

Five For Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again for Five for Friday!!

I am definitely a scarf and chunky necklace person! What an easy way to dress up a plain outfit! When I saw this scarf, I bought it in mind for other teachers out there, looking to brighten up their teacher outfits! I plan on having my first giveaway SOON and would like to do it with a few other blogger(s) ASAP! Let me know if you are interested in throwing a giveaway with me! Otherwise, check back within the next couple of weeks for my VERY FIRST giveaway! 
We finishes our MLK unit this week! Thank you Color Me Kinder for the adorable creativity! I modified it a little and took out the blanket and hands, to make a few less steps. With 28 four and five year-olds, I felt less steps were necessary :)  My students also enjoys this I Have A Dream Song... it was heartwarming to hear them sing it together! 
Ohh Starbucks how I {heart} you! Have you ever tried Starbucks Blueberry Oatmeal?! I had it two times this week! If you're trying to be a little more health conscious, I recommend this delicious breakfast! The blueberries are always so fresh! It also comes with an assortment of nuts and seeds and agave syrup... sometimes I add a little of both, today I went for plain-Jane.
Boy-oh-boy do I love Dollar Tree... maybe a little too much! I went there on Sunday in hopes to find placemats for my class art center. We have used many baby wipes and magic erasers trying to clean up the tables to look new, but what a waste!  I found these adorable zebra print placemats, that fit perfectly with my other animal print themed items in the class! I know these mats won't eliminate the mess, but they sure will help!
This week was a very short week because of MLK Day, a early dismissal day, and a snow day. Some of my lesson plans I had to change up, because I felt it would be best to cover new concepts during a full week. The students loved these football themed activities from the Are You Ready for Some Football? Bundle! With the Football Number Trace activity page, students traced each number and then self-assessed by coloring the football of the number they felt they traces the best! With the Touchdown Tally Up activity page, students counted the tally marks and then cut and paste the footballs in-between the correct goalposts. 

I'd love to hear about your week... link up with Doodle Bugs to share with others!


  1. I love Starbucks oatmeal... I've been really trying to cut back on my coffee but the oatmeal is so delicious! It's a great way to use those Christmas gift cards!

    My Shoe String Life

    1. Amanda, I was in trouble when Starbucks was built in my town about 3 months ago... it's walking distance from me and of course opens so early! My coffee intake should also be cut back. I usually have 2 cups a day... when I want warmth, i'm tired or even have a sweet tooth... it is my go to! Never can have too many GC... I transferred all of mine onto the mobil app to earn "stars" for free drinks and whatnot.

  2. That oatmeal looks amazing. I mustttt try! Centers look nice, too. I'm about to check them out. :)
    Come visit Readbox!

  3. Kristin, it's delicious! They have another variety too with dried fruit, nuts and brown sugar... it's good too! I'll be walking over to Starbucks soon to get the blueberry oatmeal AGAIN before more snow comes! Thank you for the sweet comment about my centers. I enjoyed making them and my students enjoyed completing them. Theme activities seem to really capture their interest!

  4. I know what you mean about scarfs! I love wearing them with my outfits and seem to have started a collection.:)

    Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures

    1. Me too!! Winter scarfs and fashions scarfs for every season... I can't seem to get enough, but I also have too many to store... any storage solution ideas?!


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