Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fixing Google+ No-Reply Blogger

So Amanda from Collaboration Cuties responded to a post of mine by e-mailing me to tell me that I was a "no-reply blogger". I had no clue what this meant. I thought to my self "What is a no-reply blogger?!". She explained that if you use Google+ it will make you a no-reply blogger. Also, when someone comments on your blog, and you reply, they don't know it. So, unless someone remembers to go back to your blog, they won't see it.  If you're a no-reply blogger they can't reply to your comment through e-mail and strike up a conversation. It will say that you are a "no-reply bloggger" as your email address, which means that others won't get your reply. To fix this problem, Amanda sent me the post link to Rachel of The Tattooed Teacher's, "What?! I am a no-reply blogger!?". Her post helped me greatly! There were a few slight differences, I'm unsure if what we saw was a little different because an update, but anyway I thought it would be helpful to document how I worked through it and how I am now a REPLY blogger :)

1 & 2: Go to your blogger dashboard, click the small gray wheel under your profile picture, and then click “Revert To Blogger Profile”.

3: Click orange “Switch to Limited Blogger Profile” button. Then click the orange “Continue to Blogger” button.

4 & 5: You will see "You are now using a blogger profile". Click “Blogger Profile” under the small gray dropdown arrow by your profile picture (top right).

6: Click “Show my e-mail address” and then scroll the bottom and click the orange “Save Profile” button.

7: Go back to the settings button (the gray wheel) and click “Switch to Google+.

8: You will see this screen. Click the orange “Switch Now” button. Then you are complete!

Now Amanda from Collaboration Cuties and other awesome bloggers can email me when they comment on my comments! Please let me know if my first tutorial was helpful to you!

If you are looking for more great tutorials, visit this great post from Erica over at Erica's Ed-Ventures


  1. This whole no reply thing annoys me greatly! I don't know how many times I've changed my profile from being no-reply, but it always changes me back at random times!! I have also found that if I respond straight on the comment form here (as in if you hit reply after this comment) that the person I am replying to doesn't get the response anyway, and they only get it if I respond via email. Of course, you still need to be a reply blogger to be able to get that email.

    Am I the only one that can write reply comments here, but they don't get sent to the person in question?

    Learning to be awesome

  2. Erin, I hear you! I hope Google fixes it! Why would that want millions of unhappy bloggers?! I haven't experienced having it changing me back randomly, but Amanda did inform me of this. I guess to be safe than sorry, we should repeat the steps above every month or so. ANNOYING isn't it?!! I don't think you are the only one, but I can't be so sure because I am just learning about this issue... If I find out I'll let you know ASAP... otherwise if anyone else knows, all help/advice it welcome :)

  3. Thanks so much for this Jacqueline! Could you kindly check out my blog and try to send an email to see if it works please? You rock!!!


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