Sunday, July 27, 2014

Animal Theme Idea Hunt

I've always loved wild animals and just animals in general! Since I began teaching 8 years ago, I've had classroom touches with animal prints and jungle inspired accents. I have a bench with two pillows, one brown zebra print and the other banana leaves. My "sight-word tree" was a palm tree. Closet name tags were animal faces. I used bright colored animal print scrap book paper behind many labels in my classroom. I had a stuffed-animal giraffe on my desk and a frog basket on a book shelf. ALTHOUGH, if you walked into my classroom in the past, you might not even notice my intentions of making it animal themed. Soooo, with that being said, I want to make this year different- a new school, a new group of students, a new journey, a new animal themed educational space! Today, I began the typical idea hunt through Pintrest and here are some amazing ideas that are going to help me get started.... 

INSPIRING right?! I'm growing stripes just thinking about it ;)

Since I use the six traits of character education in my class, I thought I'd start by creating an "animal theme set" of posters, bunting banners, and character coupons/awards... more animal theme accents and accessories to come!
(click the poster to go to my TPT store)

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