Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dramatic Play Hats, Headbands, & Helmets

Using dress-up props in dramatic play centers, during imaginary play, and when covering a community helper unit, is not only fun but offers opportunities for students to develop language skills, self-regulation skills, and social skills. Unfortunately, sometimes hats are a problem in the classroom because they can be somewhat expensive and they can harbor lice. I created this product so that early childhood teachers and I would have an inexpensive and more sanitary way to have hats in the classroom!

Types of Hats/Headbands/Helmets:

Chef’s Hat
Police Officer’s Hat (3 varieties)
Winter Hat
Fisher’s Hat
Woman’s Hat (2 varieties)
Mail Carrier’s Hat
Doctor’s Head Mirror Headband
Nurse’s Hat
Construction Worker’s Helmet
Astronaut’s Helmet (2 varieties)
Pirate’s Hat
Firefighter’s Helmet (4 varieties)
Cowboy/Cowgirl’s Hat
Detective Hat
Fedora Hat
Baseball Cap
Party Hat
Top Hat (2 varieties)
+headband extensions

Can't wait for the photo ops of my new little ones wearing these this school year!

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  1. is there a way to download your community helper templates?


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