Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday

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Today was "Kindergarten for a Day"! My kiddos spent some time in the kindergarten classroom meeting the teacher, seeing the classroom, participating in a hands-on math center, listening to a read-aloud and making an spring craft. They follow the trail of rainbow footprints from our class to the kindergarten class. How cute is that?! They were just a ball of excitement today!! In addition, we are still working on teen numbers, so the children sang "count and move". What an adorable song! I love me some YouTube!
More with teen numbers and double ten frames...

A peak at my kiddos during free-choice centers... don't mind my desk... it's been a hectic but fun week!
I'm blogging about this again, because I would love some more advice! I'm ready for a change in my Listening Center! My students enjoy the listening center in our class, although I am personally tired of it, so I need some advice! We have a cassette player, with a jackbox and headphones. Only 3 of the 8 outputs in the jackbox work. What do I need to use my class CD player and the headphones you see in the picture? I typically use my CD player to play sing-along songs and calming music during nap, although I have some great audio book packs. I would like to be able to set up this CD player with 4 students at a time, so that they can listen to audio books. I have seen a Belkin 5-way splitter online, but does that work with these older headphone I have? Also, besides Scholastic (which I love), where do you get your CD audio books? I wish I had i-pods, but that just isn't in the budget right now... so I'm moving on to the good ol' CD :) 
With my little readers, we are working on the _ap family words by watching/singing along with this video and with this Cut, Say, Paste, and Write activity page

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  1. I love how your students were able to visit the next grade. That is a great idea!

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