Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meet Our Class Elf, Peppermint!

On December 2, our class Elf on the Shelf arrived. To say the children were really excited to see a new visitor in the class, is an understatement. The students voted and the top three choices were Peppermint, Icicle, and Stormy (Our school mascot is the Storms). Peppermint was the top vote! They were likely swayed when our class aide pointed out that the elf wears the same colors as a peppermint candy and the candy canes he brought for them were peppermint flavored. {Her and I thought the name was most fitting ;)} Peppermint has already brought us lots of joy this holiday season and extra good behavior! The reaction of the students each morning when hunting for the sneaky little guy, is priceless! 

Day 1 of our Elf on the Shelf
Coloring a picture of himself!

He must have been tired after all the good things he had shared with Santa the night before!
On top of our W.A.L.T pocket chart!
Working on sight-words!
In my "warm fuzzy" bucket~ Gave students an opportunity to solve how I could still give out warm fuzzies.

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