Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How "I is for Inspire" Came About

Being a teacher, is not only my profession but it is my passion and career, so naturally it is a joy and hobby of mine to create educational resources for my students, share my lesson ideas with others, connect with others and get inspiration from their ideas and experiences in the classroom. With this being said, I wanted to create a bigger outlet where I can share, inspire, and connect with others and that's how my blog "I is for Inspire" came about. I am currently working on a custom blog design with a talented designer and am looking foward to adding more personality to my blog before I really delve into connecting with others and sharing my experiences in the classroom, ideas and products. Although I am pretty tech savvy, I decided to have a designer help me create the blog design I envisioned, so that I can spend more time on my posts and products. The design will be here in mid January 2014!

Thank you for stopping by! Come visit again soon!

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