Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun with Family Themed Centers

As I continue to review the first manual of the Tools of the Mind Preschool Curriculum, I feel excited and determined to create tools, while I have the time off, that will enhance the already wonderful curriculum!

If you use pretend play in your classroom to develop language, social, self-regulation, and emotional skills, here is everything you need to set up family/home themed dramatic play center(s). 
This Pack Includes (in both color & gray scale):
  •  Vocabulary Word Wall Cards & Headings 
  • Action Card Prompts (aka Task Cards) 
  • Role Card Prompts 
  • Signs for Each Room in a House
  • “Baby Care List” Daily Report 
  • “To Do List"
  • “To Clean List”
  • “Shopping List”
  • Family Bunting Banner
  • Home Bunting Banner

Turn your traditional centers into theme specific fun! i.e:
dramatic play= kitchen/bedroom/nursery

blocks center= garage/ yard
sensory table center= bathroom
literacy center= office

As I continue to read, implement, and learn more about Tools of the Mind, I will be updated this pack!


  1. Where do you get your clip art? I need very basic clip art for all things preschool. What a great pack you created! I added it to my wish list.

  2. Jackie, I love using, which is for free, and she also has AMAZING clipart to purchase from her collection called Whimsy Clips. Thanks for stopping by and considering my family themed pack, I can't wait to use it in my class!


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