Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gone with the File Folders

I've decided to give it a go and start organizing my files into binders... with advice from other bloggers, I bought binders and sheet protectors at Costco. Each pack of 6 binders was $8.99... What a great deal!! $1.50 a binder {with cover inserts], not too shabby. The box of 250 sheet protectors were $11.49. They are nice and thick, and hopefully photocopy friendly. It took me about an hour and half to file all the worksheets and activities I have for each letter of the alphabet... ehh it's worth it! I use Abrams & Co. Let's Begin with the Letter People Curriculum Program, so I decided to organize my binders into the order in which I teach the letters. I used the editable binder covers from If I Ran the Classroom. Aren't they cute?! I also decided to prep the rest of the binders with monthly binder covers and spine labels from Eryn over at Elementary Organization- Just what I was looking for!!
My Costco check-out consisted of binders, sheet protectors, jumbo box of k-cups, salmon, blackberries, salmon, and greek yogurt guacamole {new to me, but oh my GOODNESS it's soo yummy!}. 

I'd love any advice about where you buy your binders and page protectors... never can say no to saving more mula. 

So I have been thinking about organizing my activities and worksheets in binders for a while now so that it goes from this... something more like Mrs. Terhune's binder system! It's absolutely perfect. She blows me away with her great organization ideas! I totally admit that I am obsessed with organization and thrive on it... but her classroom inspires me to do more!
I am tired of not being able to find what I need when I need it and papers and folders being ripped and crinkled. It's really a hot mess. I don't think I can fully eliminate the filing cabinet because I still need to store my construction paper, bigger crafts and larger laminated center activities, but I would really like a better way to organize all my worksheets and activities so that I know what I have, it's easy to access, and it's organized! I would love some input on where the best place to buy 3-ring binders (with the pockets on the front cover) and page protectors for a good price! I would assume I would need a binder for each month, but also binders for themes and concepts such as "The Alphabet", "Shapes", etc. Also, if you use a similar type of binder system do you make an index of any type? I am on a cleaning and organization kick! I'd love to get started ASAP!

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